Welcome to the Open Charity Data Day


So why are we doing this?


Short Story – there’s a need
  • Recent scandals have eroded public trust in how charities fund themselves, govern themselves and how they spend YOUR donation
  • Donations have declined and many charities have been forced to significantly scale back on their services
  • OK Ireland, in collaboration with volunteers from the Charity sector and from this very community of citizens want to help reverse this trend by converting information from annual reports and other trusted sources into an Open Data format


Long story – It’s what we do

1. Community Collaboration – Bringing communities together and creating great things for everyone: 

We know that sustainable change for the better needs to be driven from within communities. That’s why we’re working tirelessly to put on events just like this one. These types of events help us create a functioning ecosystem between citizens, organisations, businesses and governments through which we can facilitate advocacy, technology and training to empower citizens and organisations to use the data revolution for good. Today we’re able to create something that will benefit everyone: the public, charities and the government!

2. Knowledge is power – and we’re in the business of making knowledge available to EVERYONE: 

We want everyone to be able to make informed choices about how we live, what we buy, who gets our vote … And today we’re going to take steps to enable everyone in Ireland to understand more about how their donations are used and to make an informed choice as to which charity and projects they’d like to fund.

3. Open knowledge is what open data becomes when it’s useful, usable and used:

So not just that some data is open and can be freely used, but that it is useful – accessible, understandable, meaningful, and able to help someone solve a real problem. Let’s face it aren’t we all a little suspicious of what happens to the money we donate every year? Today we are opening up data about charities that is hidden in thousands of pages of PDF reports to everyone and our aim is to make sure Irish people and charities can make use of this data and can help answer questions like these!

4. TRUST through transparency and accountability 

OK Ireland are in the business of opening up data and opening up information to the public because it helps drive transparency and accountability which in turn will enable people to understand what happens to their donated funds. Now, you only need to ask yourselves whether you’d be more or less likely to give to a Charity if you knew what percentage of your donation actually went to the cause or how much of your donation went to that hospital in Ethiopia, or even better if you could choose that the hospital in Ethiopia is what you wanted to give a donation for. Today our aim is to open up knowledge to the wider public and make the charity sector in Ireland more transparent.



Team #1 – ‘Adopt a Charity’ 

Research & audit: 3 groups each adopting 5 Irish Charities – this is the hard & most important work – without this work being done we won’t have workable datasets and without those – no visualisations

Do & Learn – Help to review, check and record the data that is vital in helping the group create visualisations on the web that help the public gain insight of how their 1 Euro donation will be spent by their favourite charity. Learn more about how charities apply donations to their projects & other expenses while also becoming proficient at encoding the data and exporting it into excel. It’s important that we include information about where the data is coming from, i.e. the source.

Team #2 – Data Ninjas

Data Ninja’s will pick up the data that Team#1 has been able to collate and will work on formatting and delivering the datasets for web-based visualisations.

Review data standard, ensure all data is coded according to the same standard, format the data, send back to Team#1 for quality checks, then build the dataset in preparation for upload.

Team #3 – Web Wizards, Coders and Designers

Will take the datasets produced and use them to build basic, meaningful and simple to understand visualisations of data that are capable of answering the public’s questions about charities.

The idea is that those visualisations will help increase trust in charities based on people understanding where their donation will help. We do have web hosting so it would be great if we can manage to create a compelling page.

 All docs you need are located here

Team #1


Team #2


Team #3

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