Ireland’s 2nd Open Government Action Plan

This Action Plan is being developed for the period 2016 – 2018

Goal of the OGP Action Plan: Follow Ireland’s 2nd Open Government Action Plan development and be able to comment and publish your views. The development of the action plan is designed to provide citizens, the wider public, civil society groups, businesses, start-ups, and among others with input to government policy on government transparency, accountability, participation and engagement.

Open commenting at the bottom of this page: The reason we are facilitating open commenting on this plan is because the government hosted websites do not allow easy, public commenting. We think citizens should be able to input and comment publicly so that discussions on this action plan and policies are accessible to everyone and we can learn from each other.

Three ways to comment:

  • In the comments section at the bottom of this page
  • Directly within the linked word documents
  • Directly within the linked spreadsheets
  • (Future) directly within a cleaned up overview version


12th Sept. 2016 Civic Forum held in Kilkenny (no. of attendees not published) for input to the 2nd Irish OGP National Action Plan

  • Live Blog
  • Summary of issues and key points raised
  • Callout: An overview has been published indicating DPER’s responses to the key points raised and where applicable the action plan section where the points would most likely come in under was referenced. However, while DPER has indicated some suggested actions have been committed to in the OGP Action Plan broad citizen validation of this was not a criteria and has not been sought prior to publishing the OGP Action Plan. This is problematic because:
    • No guarantee the Irish OGP Action Plan accurately reflects what was raised by citizens
    • Only 8 working days were given to the public to understand and feedback on a 40 page policy draft –> impossible for volunteer organisations who work on this citizens project in their spare time
    • E.g. upon analysis of the Open Knowledge submission (this is all we had time for) we found that the Action Plan is almost always vague with citizens asks not translated into specific action points at all or leaving massive room for interpretation. This means there is no guarantee suggestions relating to open government, accountability, citizen participation and open data will be implemented
    • Based on our experience from working on the 1st Irish OGP Action Plan this leaves the door wide open for doing nothing or not doing the right thing – e.g. not those things that will really improve government accountability; but eventually still being able to claim to have done ‘something’
    • The only way to ensure the suggestions from citizens are translated into actions is now to create new guidelines for seeking citizen validation of the actions taken by our government based on citizens original suggestions.

27th Sept. 2016 Civic Forum held in Dublin (no. of attendees not published, 30 – 40 based on our observations) for input to the 2nd Irish OGP National Action Plan


30th Sept. 2016 DPER has invited submissions for input to the 2nd Irish OGP National Action Plan

17th Nov. 2016 The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform publishes Ireland’s Draft Open Government Action Plan  – Click Here to Access & Comment

  • This is based on written submissions made and two public meetings, one held in Kilkenny and one held in Dublin, each was visited by 30-40 people
  • Callouts:
    • We are unsure whether comments received via social media or other sources of public opinion have been included


30th Nov. 2016 Deadline for citizens to respond to the 1st draft of the OGP Action Plan

  • Submissions
  • Callout: 
    • Short deadlines (8 working days to respond) severely restrict participation of actual, normal citizens and go against the very values of the OGP opportunity.
    • Due to 8 working days deadline to make a submission to a 40 page policy document not using plain language it is very difficult to hold DPER accountable to what has been included in the Draft OGP Action Plan. Only 15 submissions were made on time while during the first round where more time was given 53 submissions were made on time. All the Open Knowledge team had time for was to complete an analysis against it’s own original submissions. PS It took DPER staff 1 month and a half to draft the document.


16th Dec. 2016 DPER publishes Ireland’s 2nd OGP National Action Plan

  • Document
  • Callout: 
    • At this point the changes that have been made to the 1st draft have not been communicated for review
    • DPER has stated it will provide individual feedback to everyone who made a submission to the 1st draft, however unless this is made public people will lack visibility and therefore ability to hold DPER accountable.
    • In order to aid accountability and ability to track whether original citizen asks are being implemented we need to understand each of the observations was worked into the document

Note: The documents have been published by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and CiviQ. Here we are simply aiming to make them available to a broader public and enable the public to participate and comment. We have not taken any measures to improve the usability / user experience of these documents, yet. We endeavor to analyze and make sense of these documents in the near future and publish them here on our website.


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