OKF Ireland is working on the following projects:

Open Hospital Waiting List

Open Data Ireland

Global Open Data Index 2014

Open Access Ireland

Open Charity Data (Charity Data Hack)

Recent scandals in the charity sector have eroded public trust. Consequently, donations have declined and many charities have been forced to significantly scale back on their services. OK Ireland, in collaboration with volunteers from the Charity sector have been working to reverse this trend by converting information from annual reports and other trusted sources into an Open Data format.

Following on from this, a prototype charity application has been developed which enables citizens to quickly browse key metrics from across a number of Irish Charities and as a result make an informed choice to donate and reward charities who are open and transparent. It is hoped that this positive feedback on loop based on the principles of openness and transparency will encourage real change in attitudes and encourage people to increase their donations to deserving causes.


Ireland’s Action Plan for Open Data & Open Government (OGP Action Plan)

In 2013 the Irish Government commuted to the Open Government Partnership. OKF Ireland is one of the civil society groups working together the Government on a first Irish OGP Action Plan.

Booksprint (Programming Textbook)

2014 will be the first year for Irish junior schools pupils to have a curriculum in computer science. OKF Ireland works together with a group of teachers and other volunteers to create open and free course content for it.