Open Data Initiative Workshop

Open Knowledge Ireland wants to invite you to take part in its Open Data Initiative Workshop on Monday 17th of November at 6pm, at the Guinness Enterprise Center, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8.

The Active Workshop aims to drive forward the Open Data Strategy, led by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (D/PER). On September 8th, this department held a public meeting on open data in Ireland. During the exchange of ideas generated by all participants in the meeting, it became clear that the demand for open data needs to be catalysed by creating real life examples of open data in Ireland that are useful for the general public and answer real questions.

The idea for this workshop is to conceive 5+ real life examples of Open Data in Ireland being put in use and made helpful.

At this event we will

  • Look at the progress Ireland has made regarding open data in availability for re-use in the last year
  • Present the Open Charity Data project, to mark potential projects, to identify obstacles and plan ways around then
  • To develop a working plan for the next 12 month

We are inviting all interested groups for open collaboration on moving this idea forward.

Register on  to take part!