Press Release HackDay 26-7-2014

WhenSaturday, July  26th, 2014 [10:00 – 18:00]

VenueTCube – Dublin, Phoenix House, 32-34 Castle Street, Dublin 2

Civic groups join together to open up charity data

July 26th, Dublin, Ireland: A group of civic innovators and activists, along with Open Knowledge Ireland, are joining forces to open up charity data in Ireland.

The objective is to help grow and increase the efficiency of the Irish charity market through data transparency and visualisation.

There is actually a lot of strong, audited, published data in the charity sector (it’s actually been quite heartening reading it), it’s just so difficult to find and is presented in financial terms.” (Adrian O’Flynn, Concern Worldwide).

Open Knowledge Ireland is a non-partisan non-profit organisation. We help build tools, develop skills and liberate information to empower everyone to make better-informed evidence-based choices about  how we live, what we buy and who gets our vote.

This hackday, involving the larger community in a joint effort, will lay a foundation for:

    • A centralized database for charities’ financial data;
    • A tool which makes it easy for anyone to assess how charities use donations;
    • A prototype to help get funding for a charity rating website.

hackday is an event drawing together individuals with diverse skills and interests towards a shared objective – in this instance the mobilisation of existing data to be of greater value to the charities involved and of Irish society.

This event is open to all. We are thankful in advance to all participants for donating their time and talents for a great cause. Refreshments and sandwiches will be provided for all hard working souls.


For further information:

Flora Fleischer

Hashtag:  #charityhack


Sign-up or contact: @OKFirl