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Hospital Wait Time Data Workshop, (or ‘Hackathon’ as it’s lovingly called in the Tech world)


You are cordially invited to join Open Knowledge Ireland and friends for a one day workshop (workshop 1 of 4) geared to use the recently published Hospital Wait Time data to create tools & applications that improve the lives of patients and all citizens. We are taking advantage of the fact that for the first time Hospital Waiting List (HWL) data is available in machine readable format and can be used to create innovative solutions for the greater good.


Date: 25 March 2017
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: Dovetail Technologies, Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland (Location)
Registration: https://ti.to/open-knowledge-ireland/Waiting-List-Workshop-1 

The workshop is designed to link up those who are suffering from long hospital wait times, with those that have relevant data and with those that are able to use the data and build tools, applications and products for the benefit of patients and all citizens.


How will we do it: We will be working together on our Open Hospital Waiting List Project to:

  • identify best practices in using public data on hospital wait times for the benefit of the public
  • enable the public to monitor hospital wait times & performance
  • make better decisions as to where to obtain health services
  • increase transparency and accessibility of hospital data (i.e. waiting lists) through data liberation;
  • develop a strategy to make this information and the whole subject known to the wider public.


Who should attend: This is a community based project and anyone with a desire to help improve hospital wait times for the greater good is welcome and in fact we need all hands on deck. Attendees will have a fun and productive day when groups are matched up between patients, citizens, open data, digital, tech, analytics and public service subject matter experts in order to allow those who have the skills to use the data and build tools to learn from those that are suffering from long hospital wait times in order to solve real social problems.


Register for the workshop here and get more information here

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Why we are doing this:

A call to action to use hospital wait time data to work for the public (as of Nov. 2016)


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