European Commission follows advice by Open Knowledge and Creative Commons

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, took the opportunity at the open knowledge festival 2014 in Berlin to present the new licensing recommendations to support the reuse of public sector information in Europe.
In it, the European Commission follows the advice of Open Knowledge to proposes the use of open licenses as defined by the Open Knowledge to promote unrestricted re-use of public sector data. They especially suggest to use the CC0 public domain license as defined by Creative commons, to allow “full flexibility for re-users” and to “reduce the complications associated with handling numerous licences, with possibly conflicting provisions.”

Further parts of the recommendations consists of guidelines on data sets, where governments should follow the priorities of the G8 Open Data charter, detailed advise on the data quality, accessibility, description, possibility of user feedback, etc. Also the important part of charges is included in the paper: “The Article 6(1) of the Directive does not preclude a zero-cost policy: it allows for documents to be made available for re-use free of charge.”

We heartily welcome this announcement and congratulate the European Commission for these well written and easy to understand guidelines!