At Open Knowledge Ireland we build tools and nurture communities to develop, share, and use open knowledge — content and data that everyone can use, share and build on.

We want to enable as many people as possible to have access to the information they need and the tools and skills to use it to improve the world. We believe that the best way to have a lasting impact is to build stronger communities of people who will continue to push for change.

But doing this requires time and money. To organise and run events, train data wranglers and support community managers to rally coders, politicians, journalists and civil servants and work closely with key institutions to help them open up their data requires significant effort and resources. Community support is an area which is especially difficult to resource.


Can I donate money?

You can easily donate for us via our Holvi Web Shop.
This shop accepts credit cards.

We also accept electronic funds transfer via Pan-European banking service Holvi

IBAN: DE16 5123 0800 6530 1196 78

Or simply donate via PayPal

Finally: We accept Dogecoins. For so much happy feeling!




How else can I support Open Knowledge Ireland?

Is my support tax deductible?

  • Depending on where you live, you may be able to claim back tax on your donation to Open Knowledge, as it is a non-profit organisation.