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Datasets (Open Data)

A team of volunteers extracted data from the 2012 annual financial reports of 24 of the largest charities in Ireland (1Mil+€) and have made this data available as “Open Data”. While, these datasets may only represent a small sample of the thousands of charities in Ireland, they do however go some way towards demonstrating transparency, particularly in regard to  “How Charities are funded” and “Where the money is spent”.

We hope that these inputs can be built upon by other volunteers/groups thus helping us to achieve the aim of informing the public that there are well run Open & Transparent Charities, who need continued public support to provide vital services and simultaneously encourage the Charity Sector to become more transparent by publishing their reports in an open data format.

** 2012 – Data scraped by volunteers from Annual Reports


  1. ds01_charity_2012_summary             TSV , CSVEXCEL
  2. ds02_charity_2012_expenditure      TSV , CSVEXCEL
  3. ds03_charity_2012_income                 TSV , CSVEXCEL

** 2013 – Only one charity has volunteered its financial information in Open Data Format

  1. ds01_charity_2013_summary         TSV , CSVEXCEL
  2. ds02_charity_2013_expenditure   TSV , CSVEXCEL
  3. ds03_charity_2013_income               TSV , CSVEXCEL

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