Outcomes from Charity Data hackDay 26-7-2014

Welcome to the Charity Open Data Page

Charity Datasets

The following  “Open Data” compliant datasets are proposed.


  1. ds01_charity_summary                   :  Methodology,             Links to Data  TSV , CSVEXCEL
  2. ds02_charity_2012_expenditure :  Methodology,              Links to Data  TSV , CSVEXCEL


You can download these Datasets directly into Excel/Google Fusion Tables and being exploring the information.

External Datasets which may be relevant include:

  1. Revenue – Register of Charities (format Excel, contains charity number, official name and address)


 Appendix A. Data Extraction,Transformation and Load

A.1 Dimensions

Tables that are used to  filter queries and to select data.

A.2 Measures

Tables  that list things we want to measure about the charity.

  •  things that we can compare charities across, forms the basis for rating.

A.3 Facts ( This is where we need your help  !!)


  1. Please download the following Excel file to your computer  CharityFinancialData.xsln
  2. Look at the example on the “Concern” sheet. – notice how the data is aligned in a highlighted table.
  3. Adopt your charity – select from Red/Green/Blue
  4. Format your sheets data
  5. Copy the table of data to a new excel file.
  6. Email it as an attachment to openknowledgeireland@gmail.com

All of your data will be loaded into the Charity_Fact table and processed to build our datasets.